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BA BeautyTraining

BA Beauty Training Centre will provide you with first class beauty courses in both a training room and in a 'live' salon with real clients.

Book four modules and receive free marketing advice on

  • Social media advertising

  • Effective Leaflet distribution

  • Business PR & Media Guide

  • Advice on website setup 

Our team of experienced trainers offer comprehensive training giving you the skills you need to succeed in this exciting industry. 

Our Senior Tutor will call you to discuss the modules you are interested in attending followed by an invitation to meet

Please complete the Consultation Enquiry Form below

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    Great customer service   will make your
    business stand out from the rest

    Each of the modules below include;

    • How to conduct a consultation

    • Build confidence with practical hands-on experience 

    • Theory of each discipline

    • Instruction on what equipment & materials to use 

    • Health & Safety requirements

    • Personal appearance & hygiene

    • How to meet and greet your clients

    • How to set up your work area for each treatment

    • Relevant manuals and access to online demonstrations

    • Insurance cover during each module


    Q & A

    Q.  Who provides the training?

    A.  Our Senior Tutor has a wealth of experience that extends from being a College Tutor to running her own salon.

         Our Marketing Expert is Sean who has provided marketing support to businesses to attract clients through both online       & offline.

         Our Business consultant has been in business for over 25 years and has negotiated many property leases, advised on        fit-outs and staff recruitment. 

    Q.  Where is the training delivered?

    A.  The training Centre in Eastbourne also forms part of a real Beauty Therapy Salon and ladies only fitness club where

          you will have the unique experience of practicing on real clients. 

    Q.  Why are the modules so long?

    A.   Each module is designed to train you to the level of NVQ level 2 along with lots of practical experience on clients. We        believe that 1 day course modules gives you insufficient skills and confidence required to provide expert treatment              skills.

    Q.   What equipment is needed for each module?

    A.    We have packaged the necessary starter packs for each module. A small fee is asked for each pack.

    Q.   What support material is provided?

    A.   You will receive course module manuals and access to treatment videos via the website. You can join a 'closed'                   Facebook group to keep in touch with other course candidates and your Tutor.

    Q.   Will I receive a certificate?

    A.   On completion of each module you will receive a qualifying certificate from our Senior Tutor.

    Q.   How do I find out about the cost of each course?

    A.   The Course Tutor will firstly discuss the course content with you by telephone and give you details of cost and

           whether a place can be allocated to you.

    Q.   How many others will be on each course?

    A.   To give you the correct level of attention and tuition we only allow a maximum of six candidates on each course.

    Course Consultation Enquiry Form 
    What Time Is Best To Call You?

    Once you have acquired the skills of being a fantastic Beauty Therapist, ask yourself a question.

    What do I want to do next?.......

    • Get a job in a salon?

    • Work from home?

    • Open my own salon?

    If it's the last one, we have the perfect Support Enterprise Module to get you a premises and get it ready to open.

    This Support module is free (worth £2500) when you have completed all six beauty modules or can be available if you are completing fewer modules.

    Our Business Support Consultant will provide:


    • Support with premises selection, lease negotiation & planning consent.

    • Salon design & layout, furniture & equipment suppliers, health & safety and advice on builders quotes.

    • Preparation of financial business plan & narrative, Price positioning, bank funding, essential licensing, business bank accounts & card payments.

    • Client appointment management software.

    • Internal & external signage.

    • Staff recruitment, job offer letter & contracts.

    • Marketing support (on-going support fee will apply) 

    Contact our Business Support Manager